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Yuval Mendelovich The Dogs Rescuer

Dogs rescuer in Middle East

Yuval Mendelovich is a person who is rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in the Middle East. He started this campaign in 2004 towards rescuing and rehabilitating the dogs like Pit-bull and other dangerous dogs. He named his organization by his own name “Yuval Mandelovitzch” because he was the only person starting this organization of securing dogs in the Middle East. His organization is the only organization of rescuing and rehabilitating of dogs in Israel.

Association for Dangerous Dogs Yuval Mendelovich

Yuval Mendelovich Achievements

Following is some stats of Yuval Mendelovich in this campaign:

  • Years of Experience

Yuval Mendelovich contributes his 16 years of life to this rescue activity of dogs and he saved many Pit-bull and other dangerous dogs.

  • Number of Dogs rescued

Yuval saved many dogs and risk his life for them. He rescued and rehabilitated more than 4,500 dogs of different breeds.

  • Living Dogs on farm

Yuval Mendelovich youtube channel

On the farm, more than 120 are under his security and he is taking care of them.

Association for Dangerous Dogs Yuval Mendelovich

About the Organization

This organization non-profitable and is trying to rescue dogs from dog fights, quarantine pounds, abuse, and homeless dogs. The dog arrives at the rehabilitation farm, where it undergoes rehabilitation and is finally assess to confirm adoption. Dogs that have not been able to get through their horrific past become unemployed and are left on the farm to age in their own way.

The rescue and rehabilitation process includes useful school activities and social projects focused on animal compassion and tolerance. Yuval Mendelovich supports organizations such as the police, Israel, and the military without compensation.

Yuval Mendelovich is cooperating with special rescue operations involving dogs throughout Israel, including the West Bank and the Palestinian Territories. Dozens of dogs rescued by Yuval Mandelovitzch rehabilitated from different areas in the Middle East on the farm.

Yuval Efforts for Dogs

Yuval Mendelovich defends these dogs as much as possible. Unlike other animal rescue organizations, this organization is not getting funds from the government and does not receive any money. That is why the only way to survive this cause depends on you: donations and financial aid. Yuval goes even further, raising funds, food, and medical care for the children of the sanctuary.

Yuval Mendelovich, meanwhile, had to move from apartment to apartment with his dogs, building abandoned houses and farms in the middle of the forest. There he lived in poor conditions, slept outdoors, and suffered from the power of nature. Especially criminals.

After careful research, Yuval Mendelovich found a place in Western Galilee. Therefore, he is currently building a site that will be the largest farm to revive “dangerous” species.

Building a permanent farm will save more dogs and stabilize the life of Yuval Mandelovitzch.

Association for Dangerous Dogs Yuval Mendelovich
  • Adoption of kids(Dogs)

You can adopt the dog by filling the form on the website of the organization. You can adopt the dog after the inspection of the dog by the organization.

Website: Yuval 4 pit

Donations for Organization

As the government is not giving any funds to this organization that is why Yuval Mendelovich is depending on donations from people.

  • One-Time Donation

Anyone can give a one-time donation to the organization and that will be very helpful for the organization to grow more.

  • Monthly Donations

Anyone can also give donations on monthly basis to the organization account and help them in securing dogs.

Organization Account Details

Account Number: 299420

Branch 470 | Mizrahi Tfahot Bank

IBAN: IL44 0204 7000 0000 0299 420

Swift Code: MIZBILIT

Quote from the founder of world international news Maikel Pashanov:

“I have known Yuval Mendelovich work for a long time. He saved thousands of dogs and even risked his life when he rescued dogs that are considered dangerous from dog fights.
We at world international news call you to support and donate to the association.

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