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Witnesses said people were “thrown into the air” in Israel

At the crushing site of a religious festival in Israel, people described how the crowd was “swept away from home,” while others were “thrown into the air.”

At least 44 people killed and dozens injured at the Rag Boomer Music Festival in the foothills of Mount Meron.

It is unclear what caused the relationship – a police source told that after some participants slipped down the stairs, causing others to fall.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims attended the event.

“Fight for your life.”

A man named David said he was going to see the lighting of the fire, which “suddenly came out of a wave.”

“We had taken our bodies out of the house ourselves. “People were thrown into the air and others were crushed to the ground.”

“No one knows what to do,” said one survivor whom taken to the hospital at public broadcaster Naoto Kahn.

“It began with a huge overcrowding. There are so many people above me. I stayed in a place where no one else was breathing and there was screaming and chaos. I saw a child under myself, all I had in mind was that I did not want to be an orphaned son.

“We believe there may be a (bomb) alert for a suspicious package,” a pilgrim named Yitzhak told Channel 12 TV. No one thought it would happen here, Joey turned to grief and the lighthouse turned into deep darkness.

The pilgrim, who did not want to named, said there was a “wheel and pants” effect and people being driven left and right.

“After 20 minutes I think people started choking, so they wanted me out, but there was nothing that could come out. Some of the people under me are no longer breathing. There were terrible cries of “I can’t breathe.”

The screams stopped slowly and the scene was “chaotic,” he said.

Surreal Scenes

Another witness told: ‘We were at the entrance and we decided to go and then the police blocked the door, so anyone who wanted to leave couldn’t get out. We rushed to fall out together and thought I was going to die.

Def Messer, managing director of the United Millennium Volunteer Emergency Services Group, told, “There needs to be a lot of medical response” immediately.

“The evacuation phase took longer than we thought, it’s impossible, it’s very, very hard, and I have to say.

“I’ve been in this field for over 30 years and I haven’t seen it yet,” Messer said.

“I saw four or five people being kept,” Fan Menachem Engel told.

Shlomo Katz said he was waiting for a friend who saw paramedics running and at the same time trying to save the child.

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