What is VR (Virtual Reality)?

virtual reality

VR stands for “Virtual Reality”. You can feel like you are there, even if it is a “virtual world” where vision and stimulates your hearing with images and sounds. “Experience equivalent to reality” is a technology that can achieve.

The brain processes information from the five senses to obtain emotions, but most information comes from sight and hearing and said to interact with other senses. By stimulating vision and hearing, the brain can complement other emotions and create hallucinations and emotions.


What is the difference between VR and AR / MR?


What is AR?

AR stands for “Augmented Reality” and translates to “Augmented Reality” in Japanese.

It is a technology that “adds digital information such as CG and characters when viewing the real world through a smartphone or tablet.”

AR technology is also use in the “Pokemon GO” location-based game app for smartphones, which has become a hot topic around the world, and the “SNOW” camera app, which can process faces. Real time with stamps and makeup.


What is MR?


MR stands for “Mixed Reality” and translates to “Mixed Reality” in Japanese. MR is an “AR technology that combines the real world and the virtual world” that adds digital information to the real world and the virtual reality that enters the virtual world.

The virtual holograms created in CG and 3D can be project as if they existed in the real world, but can be touched and manipulated so that people in the same space can experience them simultaneously.


How does virtual reality work?

Because the human eye focus on an object from different angles, left and right, it looks different on the left and right, causing a difference in the perspective of the two eyes (mismatch). I do not feel this deviation by seeing both eyes, but it is because the brain corrects it. By correcting this binocular parallax, the brain can perceive depth and see objects in three dimensions.


The virtual reality mechanism created using this principle to display different images and videos to the left and right eye. By taking pictures and videos that match the left and right sides and viewing them with a dedicated virtual reality device, you can view it in 3D. In addition, expensive virtual reality devices take full advantage of tracking technology to move images according to head and body movement and increase the feeling of immersion.


How to use virtual reality?


  • Virtual reality games

Recently, consumer goods such as “PlayStation VR (PSVR)” and “Location-based VR (VR installation type)” that can experience with a more realistic experience in entertainment facilities are accelerating.

He is very interested in virtual reality and you can really enter the game world from the screen, and many works are produce, especially in genres such as shooter and horror. Consistent doing. Virtual reality games, which have the largest share of the virtual reality market, continue to expand.


  • Use virtual reality in sports


360-degree videos are mainstream for the public, and there is content that can only experience in virtual reality, such as watching popular sports games such as baseball, football and basketball in virtual reality and watching players practice for precision. There is. In addition, a gym equipped with “VR Fitness” has appeared which allows you to have virtual reality glasses and exercise according to the virtual reality image with a dedicated car.


Some teams have introduced available athlete measurement data such as “Virtual Reality Play and Training Space” to athletes, and virtual reality is used in a variety of ways in sports.

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