Ultramarathon from China: Bad weather kills 21 runners

Twenty-one runners died in severe weather during a long-distance race in northwestern China.

On Saturday, Ultraraten was hit by strong winds and freezing rain 100 kilometers from the resort town of ultramarathon in Gansu Province.

The match was halted when some 172 players disappeared and rescue operations began.

It is reported that many trapped runners have hypothermia.

Authorities say 151 players have been safely confirmed, eight of whom have been injured.

The match starts at 9am .m time (01 GMT) starting on Saturday, with some players wearing only shorts and t-shirts.

Surviving participants said the weather forecast shows that there is expected to be some wind and rain, but not more extreme than they have experienced.

About three hours after the race began, the mountainous region of the race was affected by freezing temperatures, heavy rains and strong winds, according to nearby city officials.

A runner named Mao Shuzhi told The Reuters news agency that the weather had changed and turned around.

Ms. Mao said; ‘The rain is getting heavier and heavier.

He decided to return to his hotel, where he had previously had a bad experience of hypothermia, but others continued or were already in the most affected areas.

It is reported that many runners are getting lost in their way due to the weather affecting visibility.

More than 1,200 aid workers were deployed with the help of thermal imaging drones and radar detectors, according to state media.

The operation continued into Sunday morning, during which further temperature drops make the search difficult, according to China’s Xinhua news agency.

The deaths sparked outrage on Chinese social media, largely from the Silver government and complaints of a lack of contingency plans.

“As the organizers of this event, we are full of guilt and remorse,” Silver Mayor Zhang said at Sunday’s press conference. We extend our deepest condolences and condolences to the victims and the families of those injured.

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