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U.S. has no explanation for sightings

he U.S. government says it has no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying objects seen by military pilots.

A Pentagon report released Friday says all but one of 144 reports of the phenomenon since 2004 have gone unexplained.

The report does not rule out the possibility that the objects are extraterrestrial.

Congress requested the report after the US military reported numerous instances of objects moving erratically across the sky.

The Pentagon then created the UFO Task Force last August to investigate the reports.

The Pentagon said the group’s task was to “detect, analyze and document” the incidents, as well as “obtain information on the nature and origin” of the UFOs.

Does the report contain anything new?

The interim report, released on Friday, notes that most of the 144 reported cases of “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) occurred in the past two years, after the US Navy implemented a standardized reporting mechanism.

In 143 reported cases, “our data set lacked sufficient information to assign a specific explanation to the incident.”

Specifically, she says there is “no clear indication of a non-terrestrial explanation” for the aircraft, but she doesn’t rule it out either.

Here is what we know about the UFO report from the U.S.

Pentagon releases UFO video for the record

The report says the UAP “may lack a clear explanation”. Some could be technology from other countries such as China or Russia, others could be natural atmospheric phenomena such as ice crystals that could be picked up on radar systems, while the report also suggests that some “could be due to secret developments and programs by US entities.”

One of the cases they could be “very certain” of was identify as “a large deflated balloon”, the report said.

It added that the PAU posed “a clear aviation safety issue and a potential challenge to US national security”.

The task force is now looking for new ways to “increase report collection” and gather more information, adding that with “additional funding” it could “further investigate” the issues outlined in the report.

What is the evidence?

The US Department of Defense released videos of the PAUs in April 2020. It says they were filmed by the US Navy.

Last month, on the CBS program”60 Minutes”, two former Navy pilots spoke of seeing an object in the Pacific that appeared to mirror actions.

One pilot described it as a “small white object that looked like a tic-tac-toe,” referring to the white rectangular mints.

“It has no visible smoke trail and no propulsion. It has no obvious flight control surface to manipulate the way it maneuvered.”

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