Twitter suspends Bollywood actress account

Twitter has suspended Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s account after it allegedly incited violence.

In the letter, he called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “tame” an opposition leader with his “early 21st century” leadership style, possibly referring to his guard riots that left more than 10 dead, mostly Muslim.

Ranaut’s tweet immediately provoked an angry reaction on the podium.

Twitter has not yet released a statement.

“Twitter only shows my point that they are Americans, and when a white man was born, he felt entitled to enslave a brown man, and they wanted to tell you what to think, say or do,” she says.

She added; “I have a lot of platforms that I can use to raise my voice, including my own art in film format.

Ranaut is no stranger to controversy. As an industry outsider, he initially won encouragement to raise the issue of Bollywood nepotism. However, he quickly became a polarizing figure outside the film industry. He often uses public platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to make unfounded accusations or initiate first-time attacks against colleagues and celebrities.

He called actor Sonam Kapoor a “mafia of Gemini” and “Urmila Matonkar” as soft stars and mocked Deepika Padukuen, who had spoken out about her battle against depression.

Their tweets are not only controversial, sometimes insanity or simply uncomfortable.

He cried on Twitter that oxygen had been “forced out of the environment” because breathless Indians died from lack of oxygen. He announced to the world in February that he had shown “no other actors in the world,” adding that his “raw talent” matched that of Meryl Streep, whose acting skills are as good as for Gal Gadot Wonder Woman.

However, Mr. Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have always escaped criticism.

His critics say his sympathy for the right-wing Hindu BJP nationalist ideology only adds to his polarizing image.

He spoke of the Prime Minister, who was a divisive figure, with admiration and respect, and left the ridicule and anger of his opponents.

Mr. Ranaut’s tweet came a day after the BJP lost elections in battleground states, though the campaign highlighted Mr. Modi.

Last year, he wrapped up in a major controversy over the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Mumbai police say he committed suicide, but Rent said on Tweet that experts were blaming Bollywood for the nepotism that led to his death.

He then targeted Rajput’s ex-girlfriend, actor Rhea Chakraborty, who joined the dubious allegations surrounding her. Bollywood actors and filmmakers summoned Chakraborty to deny him, but smear campaigns continued.

His inflammatory tweets eventually led to an investigation into the handling of Rajput’s death by police and local authorities, even leading to riot charges against Ranaut.

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