These Are the Reasons You Are Struggling With Sales

Converting sales may be a difficult task for any business except for some, it’s much harder. Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, your sales team works tirelessly to succeed in their quota and help the business achieve its goals. However, regardless of how hard they work, it looks like your sales team can’t lure in enough willing buyers. you recognize what they assert , work smarter, not harder.

It doesn’t matter what proportion effort you’re putting into the sales operation; it won’t make a difference if you are going within the wrong direction. There are reasons why your company is battling making sales, and you would like to know them before coming  an answer .

You Haven’t Adapted to vary

The economic climate changes whenever a replacement wave of innovation and technology hits. Hence, if your business isn’t making as many sales as before, it’d be because you’re using obsolete systems. Ever since the proliferation of social media, analytics, and large data has come onto the scene, things have changed.

To get before competitors, it’s crucial that your company adapt to those changes. Take big data and analytics, as an example . Many companies still haven’t embraced the importance of knowledge and trends that you simply can derive from it. Once you are doing , you’ll begin to know many things; why a sales drive failed, why you’re losing customers, and what makes a marketing campaign powerful.

You’re Putting a Cap on Commissions

For your sales team, motivation is knowing that, on an honest day, they will bring home an enormous commission without fear about capping. Capping commissions can stop your sales team from closing more sales and striving to travel above a selected quota. Numerous studies prove that putting a cap on commissions can hurt overall revenue and productivity.

The results of such studies conclude that companies should remove caps from commissions. Once respective companies did so, they saw their revenue rise by almost one-tenth . So, don’t be concerned about having to pay your sales representatives large commissions, because they probably helped your company make an enormous profit.

You’re Not Following abreast of Every Lead

Sales representatives seem to lose their enthusiasm to follow-up with every lead they are available across. Instead, they only work towards ones they desire they will convert. This guesswork makes things very confusing, especially since your sales team is counting on their gut feeling instead of an objective factor.

Take out records of what proportion your sales team has followed up with old leads. the rationale for poor sales might be that they’re ignoring certain leads, which ends up in your company closing fewer sales. It’s crucial that you simply remember how every consumer may be a potential customer in a method or another, so it is best never to ignore a lead.

Inadequate Marketing

All parts of a business need to work together to drive sales and boost customer retention. The marketing department of a corporation plays an integral role in giving sales representatives the leads they have . It often happens that a marketing team is unable to deliver qualified results in sales representatives.

This step hurts your company’s numbers, and you would like to enhance by improving marketing efforts. This process can involve launching a well-planned Google AdWords campaign and other solutions that have the potential to spice up sales.

You’re Unaware of Competition

Even though you are looking at your competitor’s numbers, there is a chance that you simply aren’t learning what they’re doing right. an outsized a part of your understanding should come from what our competitors do . you would like to take a position in research and data about rival companies who have better sales numbers than you.

Although you do not need to imitate your competitors, there’s always something you’ll learn from them, and that is not a nasty thing.

No Training Programs

The only way for a corporation to travel forward is that if it invests significant time and resources into improving its employees. It’s unrealistic to expect your sales representatives to find out new things on employment that’s so demanding. When they’re following abreast of leads throughout the day, your employees won’t have an interest in learning about new findings from sales research papers.

That’s why you would like to create their skill set by bringing within the right expert. Sales mentors are a method that enormous corporations are boosting their numbers. Hiring an expert on sales may be a valuable initiative that you simply can take, to enhance your firm’s numbers.

Your Sales Team Lacks a Process

In every company’s sales division , leaders need to develop a process, which representatives should use to form a purchase . When there is no sales process in situ , your representatives might be mindlessly trying to chase after leads without examining any weaknesses. At now , it’s possible that your team is implementing a random process, so even an off-the-cuff one will yield better results.

Instead of letting representatives do whatever they need , however, they need to try to to it, sales leaders should begin by establishing an off-the-cuff process on how they ought to get things done. Once you follow leads during a way that’s systematic and consistent, you’ll move from an off-the-cuff process to a proper and dynamic one.


Therefore, now that I’ve listed out what your company’s sales team might be doing wrong, it is time to recap what you ought to be doing to unravel the matter . For starters, you would like to adapt to changing climates of the industry by implementing new technology and software.

Next, you would like to rethink the cap on commissions and improve your marketing strategy. then , you ought to study your competitor’s solutions and check out to know the theories behind them. Assign focused and dedicated sales leaders to your department in order that they can implement a sales process.

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