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Summary of coronary virus: Spain ends state of emergency

Spaniards now have more freedom but not all restrictions have been relaxed. Who is the lead scientist says species circulating in India are more contagious and may avoid vaccine protection.

Spain lifted a state of emergency last October to fight the epidemic, allowing Spaniards to travel between regions for the first time in months.

The midnight emergency measures (2200 GMT on Saturday/U.C.) expire and will lead to greater release.

However, this could complicate efforts by 17 regional governments to end the health crisis.

The state of emergency provides them with a legal framework for implementing measures that restrict freedom, such as nighttime curfews or unnecessary travel bans between regions.

In addition to the days when restrictions are lift over the Christmas period, people cannot travel to other areas, take holidays or visit their families.

Although the travel ban in the region ended and the curfew lifted, not all restrictions in Spain have been relaxed.

Regional areas can still limit opening hours and impose capacity limits on bars and restaurants.

They may also seek judicial approval for tougher measures, such as re-coding curfews, limiting the number of people allowed for family gatherings, or extending the travel ban to their guests.

Spain is one of the hardest hit countries in Europe, with nearly 79,000 dead and 3.5 million infected.

Here is an escape from some of the other major COVID-related stories around the world on Sunday.

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