Power And Politics

A few of the leaders in our society are guided with the aid of unhealthy

Intentions. Rather than looking for to serve the humans and heal

Our state’s ills, their moves and selections are normally

Prompted by their preference for power. A number of the people

Running our united states are run by means of their addictions to approval,

Intercourse, strength and manage. Sadly, few truly healthy

Individuals need to submit themselves to the vital

Abuses inherent to our political races – the verbal abuse

Both given and received, the huge quantities of money spent,

The integrity sacrificed via the concessions, lies and

Manipulations presented in order to win.

Our machine of

Electing our officers is so corrupt that there is little

Possibility of attracting someone with a sturdy, in my view

Responsible, loving internal adult self. This isn’t always to mention that

None of our elected representatives are honest and caring.

Some are honestly influenced via fine intentions however,

Sadly, they constitute a minority.

There is no training required in private duty to

Run for workplace. Our leaders aren’t required to heal their

Dysfunctional components in order to come to be honest and

Straightforward human beings. The prerequisites for political positions

Primarily encompass having enough cash, enough effective

Human beings behind the scenes, being male, and being white.

Our political area is designed to draw wounded folks who

Want approval and electricity if you want to experience worth and proven.

Glaringly, such a person, with little or no internally derived

Experience of self-esteem and integrity, is very at risk of

Corruption. Because the adage says: “energy corrupts and absolute

Electricity corrupts actually.” energy corrupts when a person

Is encouraged through his or her preference for power over others, and

Few people have performed sufficient inner recovery to

Transcend the desire for manipulate over others.

A wholesome individual in office who’s extra involved with serving

The human beings than with getting re-elected ought to accomplish a

Splendid deal. Such a person changed into depicted within the film Dave.

On this movie the real president is in a coma and the White

House officers, looking for to conceal the truth from the general public

In an effort to keep manage, positioned a look-alike into the

President’s seat. Dave, however, is a man of heart, and as a substitute

Then allowing himself to be controlled he sets about making

Important changes – cutting cash wherein it isn’t wanted

And allocating it into greater important avenues, like toddler care

And the introduction of jobs. He even takes obligation for the

Corruption of the actual president and gracefully “dies” as

The actual president is death so the vice-president, a person

Of first-rate integrity who turned into maligned via the energy structure,

Should take over in his rightful area. The film is, of path,

A myth. Alas, we would by no means pick a person of such

Integrity – a trustworthy, sincere, worrying, and financially

Middle-class man like Dave. Our election technique does

Now not allow for this.

Revamping our election technique would deliver humans like Dave an

Possibility to run for office. We desperately need those who

Care greater for the commonplace excellent than for his or her own recognition.

We need fantastic, creative, honest and caring human beings to steer

Our united states, however this can by no means occur with our present election

Device. We have first-rate expertise on this superb country of ours,

Talent that could take away hunger and homelessness, and heal

The internal wounds that create fitness issues, drug abuse,

Racism, violence and crime. However, this expertise is rarely tapped

Due to the fact jogging our united states of America has been primarily based at the earthly

Values of greed and power over others rather than the non-secular

Values of honesty, compassion and caring.

Unfortunately, neither our government nor most huge businesses

Are primarily based on the non-secular standards of compassion and worrying

Approximately the commonplace top. I have no doubt that if our government

Become based totally on non-secular ideas we’d now not have the starvation,

Homelessness, crime, health troubles, and drug abuse which are

Endemic to our current society.

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