Political The Health, Educational and Economic Roles of Artist

The printmaker may be a visual communicator whose roles is quintessential within the areas of health, politics, education and political economic advancement of a society. These unique duties are clearly discussed to point out how effective any artist taking over this role can perform his responsibilities within the society.

Health Roles

The hospitals and clinics where patients are cared for are a product of up-to-date African architecture. The hazardous chemicals, safety tools, and equipment employed by the health personnel in discharging their duties are clearly labeled by him to avoid wrong applications and injury. Comprehensive instructions on the way to use the drugs given at the health centers are clearly written on the attractive labels attached to their containers designed by him.

The health education which involves sensitizing the overall public on deadly diseases and the way to stop them is completed through communication tools like posters, banners, flyers, and handbills etc. The locations of those health centers are made easy through signboards and billboards.

Political Roles

The activities of the varied political parties within the country are made possible through the utilization of works by the Graphic designer. as an example , the emblems and logos with distinguishing color schemes that help us to differentiate one party from the opposite are as a results of him. Moreover, each of the parties makes the overall public know of their plans for the state also as their campaigns through the utilization of posters, banners, signboards signposts, flyers, handbills and billboards which are all works of art. What about the locations to the varied party offices? Is it not as a results of products done by the Graphic artist? additionally , the varied T-shirts, caps, and other paraphernalia that party activists and supporters placed on during political rallies and meetings are all products of art. In fact, without the products by him, political activities can’t be administered .

Educational Roles

Teaching and learning activities within the various educational institutions are effectively administered by the utilization of communication products. The uniforms and costumes that are worn by students that bear the emblems and logos designed by him help us to spot students of the varied educational institutions. the various colorful and illustrative teaching aids that assist greatly in teaching and learning activities. School programs and locations of faculties are broadcasted and made known to the overall public through products like banners, signboards, posters, and billboards. Other products like books and other stationery materials affect the teaching and learning processes directly. Announcements, school programs, and general information are made known to students through graphic communication tools like posters, banners, handbills etc.

Economic Roles

Graphic design products are traded to earn income. People invest within the collections of works of art. the sector of Graphic design also offers various employment avenues for members of the society like Book Illustrator, Poster designer, Package designer, Cartoonist, Graphic animator, Stage designer, Printmaker etc. More importantly is that the role Graphic design plays within the success of other trades. It helps within the marketing of products and services. Locations and other relevant information of firms and corporations , also because the products they produce, are nicely depicted on signboards and billboards. Posters, handbills, and flyers assist within the promotion of sales of products.

Cottage industries that help in reducing the unemployment numbers within the country are promoted and preserved through productions in Graphic design. fixing a industry within the area doesn’t require tons of capital in comparison to other sectors like medicine, agriculture etc. With the acquired manual skills, alongside few locally manufactured tools and raw materials, the Graphic designer can produce several creative works that he can sell to form a living in his own house. This helps in reducing the unemployment rates within the country.

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