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Political crisis and Covid surge in Brazil

The head of Brazil’s army, navy, and air force has resigned, 19 people, die every day in Brazil and Brazilian Ger. Bolsonaro is facing the biggest crisis of his presidency.

The defense chief’s unprecedented resignation seen as a protest against Mr. Bolsonaro’s efforts to impose undue control over the military.

Bolsonaro’s reaction to Kavid-19 reduced its popularity.

Nearly 314,000 people died a new record high of 3,780 on Tuesday.

How is Covid going?

Globally, Brazil has the second highest number of confirmed cases in Covid, with more than 12.6 million cases. Only America has more.

Earlier this month, Fiocruz, Brazil’s public health agency, warned that the country’s health system was on the verge of collapse and that more than 80 percent of beds occupied in intensive care units in most of the country’s states.

St Grant epidemiologist Dr. Pedro Harald told the BBC he was concerned that Brazil could become a global threat to public health.

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President Bulsonaro has opposed the designation, arguing that the damage to the economy will be more severe than the coronavirus itself.

He also told Brazilians to “stop complaining” about the situation.

Last week, Mr. Bolonaro said he would use 2021 as the year of vaccination. He said, “We will soon return to normal life.”

To date, Brazil has vaccinated 8% of the population and has given about 17.7 million doses.

What are the political consequences?

The president’s approval for the epidemic has dropped, with 43% of Brazilians saying the Bolshoi is responsible for the COVID-19 crisis, according to a Fora poll released in mid-March.

Your government is in disarray. On March 16, a new health minister took office for the fourth time since the pandemic began. Cardiologist Marcelo Quiroga replaced an officer without medical training.

On Monday, the resignation of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs prompted the reorganization of the cabinet. The Secretary of State has accused of mismanaging relations with China, leading to a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Defense Secretary clashed with Mr. Bolsonaro over the loyalty of the armed forces, saying Loyalty should take a stand to defend the Constitution rather than personally support the president.

The heads of the army, marine and air force followed on Tuesday. It believed to be the first time in Brazil’s history that the head of the armed forces has resigned due to disputes with the president.

America correspondent Will Grant says Bulsonaro is facing his biggest political crisis since taking office in January 2019.

The president is a divisive figure who has caused controversy with racist, homophobic and anti-feminine commentary.

Bolsonaro, a former army captain, organized a 1964 coup commemoration ceremony in 2019 that kept Brazil under curfew until 1985. At least 434 people have died or disappeared, according to a 2014 National Truth Commission.

Bolsonaro defended the ceremony, saying it meant commemorating the time, not the military regime itself.

On Wednesday, newly appointed Defense Minister Gen. Walter Braga Neto said he had “let the country down” and should held.

He said there is a “Very real threat to peace and democracy” and that the armed forces face that threat.

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