Phone numbers of Latifah and Haya princesses leaked

The phone numbers used by the two Dubai princesses were apparently discovered as part of an investigation into the phone spying program known as Pegasus.

Princess Latifa is the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, while Princess Haya bint Al Hussein is his ex-wife.

In mid-February, A secret video of Princess Latifa saying she had been kidnapped and feared for her life.

Meanwhile, Princess Haya fled Dubai in 2019, saying she feared for her life.

The UAE has denied the allegations made by the two women.

Their numbers were reportedly on a list of about 50,000 phone numbers of people who might be of interest to clients of Israeli firm NSO Group.

The list was leaked to major news agencies.

The discovery of the phone numbers of the princesses on the list – as well as those of some acquaintances – has raised questions about whether they may have been targeted by the group’s government clients.

Human rights group Amnesty International issued a statement saying the discovery “implicated” the NSO group in a “series of human rights violations” against the two women.

It called for the regulation of the “unregulated surveillance industry”.

NSO denies wrongdoing

It said the software was intended for use against criminals and terrorists and was only available to armed forces, law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies with a good human rights record.

The Israel-based organization said the initial research that led to the reports – by Paris-based NGOs Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International – was “full of false assumptions and unfounded theories”.

The reports were part of a series of press articles suggesting that thousands of prominent people had been targeted.

A senior Israeli official confirmed to the BBC that the Israeli government had set up a team to investigate the allegations about the Pegasus software.

Are we all becoming involuntary spies?

Princess Latifah told that this year that she was kidnapped and detained after trying to flee Dubai.

According to her, she was abducted on a yacht and brought back to Dubai after fleeing the United Arab Emirates in 2018 and boarding a boat across the Indian Ocean, where she said she was held captive in a villa that had been turned into a prison.

The story has sparked an international outcry. After the UN called for proof of life, Dubai’s royal family said she was “being cared for at home”.

Princess Latifah has not been seen or heard from in months. In recent months, photos of Princess Latifah in public and even traveling have allegedly surfaced on a friend’s Instagram feed.

Meanwhile, Princess Haya has accused her ex-husband of a campaign of kidnapping, torture, and intimidation. The allegations were made public by a British court in a series of judgments last year.

According to the documents, her marriage fell apart after she became suspicious of what was happening to Princess Latifa and her ex-husband’s other son, Sheikh Shamsa.

She fled to the UK with her two children in April 2019. The court heard last year that veiled threats from Sheikh Mohammed made her fear for her safety, as well as the possibility that her children would be kidnapped and forcibly returned to Dubai.

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