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Palestinians seek answers amid rubble of IDF attack in Gaza

The 11-day Israeli-Hamas conflict has left 248 Palestinians dead, including at least 66 children. The deaths of many civilians have led to questions about residential purposes.

Once residential buildings and tents were left with gray debris, broken clothes, metal patches and memories of lost life. Idili Ku blizzard mourns the loss of his brother and other relatives in a mourning tent as his family places his home in the rubble of the destroyed house.

Early on the morning of May 16, 21 extended families were killed in Israeli airstrikes. There’s a blizzard living in a neighbor.

In a further building on Tedna Street, Abuov’s family home was also hit by airstrikes. Anas lost his fiancée, Shima Abuov, in the attack. “We were on the phone during the day and night, and all of a sudden there was a crazy noise. The line’s down. I sent him a message, but it didn’t work. “Then we heard that the area had been bombed. The search lasted more than 10 hours until he was found in a morgue.

“When I saw him, he had a smile on his face,” Anas said. “It feels like a knife in my heart, digging deeper. but now he is in a better place . Shima died along with several relatives, including her father, Ayman, who is the director of internal medicine at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Doctors also oversee coronavirus labs and response units. “If we need something, we still have an incentive to call him for advice,” says Dr. Khaled, who is preparing for a shift in the COVID-19 sector.

So many civilians have died on this street, raising questions about the purposes of residential buildings.

The 11-day conflict left 248 Palestinians dead. Dozens of them are reported to be militants, but at least 66 children were also killed. More than 1,900 people were injured, according to health officials in the Gaza Strip. In Israel, 12 people, including a soldier and a child, were killed by rockets and mortar shells fired by elements armed with civilian areas in Israel.

While some families cried at their loved ones, others tried to resume their lives, still shocked by the severity of the strike in the small enclosure. Hours after the ceasefire was announced on Friday, the streets were suddenly full of people running to get much-needed work, or just walking around the community assessing what had happened.

For many, it’s Dejavu’s sense. Gaza has fought three wars over the past decade, and the military escalation of Hamas and Israel has been short-lived. And amid widespread destruction, the militant group Hamas, which dominates Gaza, claimed victory.

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