Oregon lawmakers ousted for allowing rioters into State Capitol

Lawmakers in the US state of Oregon have ousted a Republican congressman for helping a mob storm the State Capitol in December.

Mike Nearman was voted out by 59-1, with him being the lone dissenting vote.

It is the first time in state history that a sitting Oregon legislator has been ousted.

The unrest in Oregon came just weeks before hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on 6 January.

Days before Mr Nearman was removed from office, a video surfaced that appeared to show him directing protesters as the state Capitol entered on 21 December.

Another video shows Mr Nearman opening a door leading into the State Capitol. He then surrounds a protester “who lunges at him to enter the building, followed by a second protester who opens the door for many other protesters who also lunge at him,” the recall resolution says.

The protesters could be heard shouting “enemies of the state” and “arrest Kate Brown”, the state’s Democratic governor, according to the resolution. Significant damage was done inside the building and police officers were injured.

In a statement released after the vote, House Speaker Tina Kottke, a Democrat, said, “Their actions were brazen and premeditated. His actions were blatant and premeditated, and he showed no remorse for endangering the safety of everyone in the Capitol that day.”

“The facts are clear,” he added, “that Mr. Nearman blatantly coordinated and orchestrated the destruction of the Oregon State Capitol.

Mr Nearman gave a brief speech after the vote.

“There is no reason to hear both sides, at least something like due process,” he said sarcastically, according to USA Today.

On Monday, House Republicans urged their colleagues to step aside. Rep. Christine Drazan, the leader of the state House Republicans, said in a statement that Mr. Nearman’s “plan to let people into the Capitol ended in violence, destruction of property and injuries by police.”

“This disregard for the rule of law plunges us deeper into unrest and division. If we are to turn our country around, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to leading and serving the common good,” he said.

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