Olympics: World’s oldest person drops torch relay

The world’s oldest person, who has stepped down from the Olympic torch relay, said he was concerned about the extension of COVID-19 to others in nursing homes.

Shinji Tanaka, 118, was schedule to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Relay in Fukuoka, southern Japan, on May 11.

The relay began in March and hit by the coronavirus outbreak, eight of which were link to the incident.

Last month, Japan declared a state of emergency amid. An increase in cases in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Some celebrities also withdrew from the torch relay because of concerns about the virus.

Ms. Tanaka, who was born in 1903, was recognized by Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest living person in March 2019.

An official at his hospice said his family had emailed relay organizers saying he “wanted to leave the relay because he and his family were concerned about the spread of the virus in the hospice.”

What about Japan?

Restrictions were impose on April 25 in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo provinces with an initial end date of May 11.

However, local media reported that the government is considering extending the restrictions.

It is unclear whether the restrictions will have a more general impact on games. The Olympics have postponed for a year due to the pandemic and are schedule to begin July 23.

The hospitalization rate for serious illnesses in Osaka has exceeded 99 percent, and Osaka Mayor Yoshimura Hirofumi said Tuesday he doubts the state of emergency in Osaka would end this month, NHK TV reported.

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