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Nevatim civilian airport in Israel


The ministry of security’s objection is driven by the inconvenience of the Air Force to share a joint airport in Nevatim with a world civilian airport. It should be maintained that Nevatim was inbuilt its original form to form propose has a world civilian airport.

There are no other significant “hiding” security arguments, and therefore the entire Airforce arguments are often resolved both the maximum amount as air because it is on the bottom.

Choosing Israel’s next airport must include all of the civilian and security considerations. Till today, only the safety consideration has led the proficient echelon within the government offices.

From numerous professional exams, it appears that the effect of the international airport on the south and its surrounding is devastating and can be a wipe for the future generation, while the Negev need this growth engine to bring the all state of Israel to the proper population distribution within the year 2050.

Choosing immediately in Nevatim, because the correct site for the development of an edition airport will allow opening the airport sooner and by doing so, relieve the suffering of the residents within the nearby Natbag villages, and also accommodate with a severe financial adventure to all or any.

In continuation to the govt resolution of 2050, the state will accommodate a world airport complementary to Natbag within Ramat David during which it had been built. We see the signatures downward after weighing all of the safety and national arguments that Nevatim airport within the Negev is the correct place to construct the second international airport.

We believe, from the causes that were mentioned during this document, that the development of the international airport in Nevatim is that the best decision regarding not just for the residences of the Negev but also to the residents of the south and the whole residences of Israel state, beat considerations with the strategical causes.

In the year 2017, Natbag crossed over the two million passengers and exceeded significantly beyond the approval passenger’s capacity. Giving that there is no other alternative within the Negev, we support the construction of the new airport on the right existing infrastructures and approval at Nevatim.

Constructing a combined military-civilian airport on the infrastructures of Nevatim will express a deep commitment to the social and economic change of the Negev and can be a  success of the movement IDF to the Negev. This is often thanks to the many the working places which will be required for its construction, especially this airport are going to be stable employment hanker which will provide thousands and dozens of jobs for the regional residents, and also will allow to the present most sparse in population area to become an attraction for brand spanking new residents, including career soldier which will move to the Negev within the project of relocation of IDF to the south.

We believe the decision to construct Ramat David airport will profoundly violate the life quality of the south’s residence. It will also impact the farmers of this region and, therefore, the peaceful environment of the south part of the beautiful Israeli nature to which all of the states of Israel’s residences have access. This is often in contrast to the minor environmental harm which will happen thanks to constructing the complimentary airport within the south of Israel as consideration for residence.

We would wish to emphasize that we conscious of the various security considerations, and therefore the needs of the safety system; with all of it combined, we are save to mention that it is possible to seek out an honest answer to the present needs if decided to take care of both military and civilian combined airport within the Negev.

Yair Lapid, chairman of the Yesh Atid centrist political party:

“Government headed by me will immediately build Israel Nevatim’s second airport in the Negev. The people of the north want it, the people of the south need it, only the government drags from committee to committee. My intelligence test is over. The airport will be built in Nevatim. In my opinion, this is the most comparative international project that has arrived in the Negev in recent decades. “

Video by Elad Gutman

Ruvik Danilovich Mayer of the city of Beer Sheva:

 “An airport in the Negev will constitute a tremendous economic engine that will turn Beer Sheva and the Negev into an international center. It is strategically correct for the state of Israel!

In one resolution, the government of Israel is possible to make a significant change for the benefit of the Negev and the benefit of the state of Israel. It is only natural and appropriate that an international airport, which generates a significant economic engine, will be constructed in proximity to Beer Sheva at Nevatim, making the entire Negev much more economical and occupational.

In contrast to the other alternatives, all the conditions for constructing an international airport in Nevatim already exist, including the air and traffic infrastructure and the overall planning required. In continuity with Ben Gurion’s vision, the state of Israel marked a worthy goal to evolve and strengthen the southern area. Now, the government can generate a reasonable chance in the Negev, throw the construction of Israel’s secondary international airport in Nevatim – which will be an actual growth engine to the Negev, and to the entire state of Israel!”

Photo by Mishel Abzaleg

The mayor of Dimona, Beni Biton:

“The state of Israel has no alternative for the secondary civilian airport except the Negev, in Nevatim. A civilian airport in Nevatim will employ nor less than ten thousand employees in the first circle and thirty thousand in the second and third cycle. The state of Israel, like the rest of the world, is in a deep economic crisis. Its budget deficit stands at 160 Billion INS, and unfortunately, until the eradication of Covid-19, it will reach nearly 200 Billion INS. The meaning: thousands more unemployed. So, a civilian airport in the Negev will not solve Israel’s unemployment problem but will diminish and undermine unemployment in the Negev. Therefore it must be constructed only in Nevatim in the Negev.

Photo by Elad Elol

The mayor of Arad, Nisan Ben Hamo: 

“The peace agreements with the Gulf States have opened new airlines to the east. Nevatim’s special location on the Negev map, regarding international aviation, combined with the numerous advantages of a new airport, will bring an opportunity for the creation of an airport that will not only put the Negev in the front of civilian aviation but to the entire state of Israel.”

Photo by Joshua Ashkenazi

Yuhan Atlan – CEO of the Negev Council:

“The key to regional development for this vase and the most sparse area in Israel’s population is creating new and sustainable job opportunities. Construction of an airport in the Negev will allow the region to turn into a point of attraction, and a quality alternative to the crowded living in the middle of the country”.

Photo by Negev Council

Maikel Pashanov – Founder of Wilnews:


“A considerable change can be created in the Negev and the country with establishing an airport in the Negev. According to the information passed to us, all the conditions for the construction of the Nevatim civilian airport exist.
Another civilian airport will open tens of thousands of jobs in the Negev. The State of Israel is currently in a difficult situation, the same as the world. By the end of COVID-19, there will be thousands more unemployed, so the airport should be treated as an economic engine for the entire Negev and the country!
Nevatim civilian airport will significantly impact international trade in Israel and will facilitate imports and exports in the south.
We at Wilnews will continue to promote the issue that is so important to the State of Israel and the Negev.”

Photo by Wilnews

Response from the Prime Minister’s Office:

“We have no public reference to this topic in time.”

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