How to get free from depression?

Ignorance and misunderstandings should not hurt the hearts of depressed patients and their families who are already living in pain.

A psychiatrist said, “The suspected Teg subway fire incident is different from the general depression patient.” “This incident has raised interest in people with mental illness, including depression.” I hope it will be an opportunity for more patients to receive treatment. “

Suspect and Depression

 Kim Dae-hwan suffered from various mental problems after suffering a cerebral infarction. According to domestic and foreign studies, depression appears in more than 20% of patients with cerebral infarction. In addition, the personality of more than 30% of cerebral infarction patients changes impulsively. In particular, those who have problems with personality formation are more likely to have more serious mental problems.

In the case of Kim, the “antisocial personality disorder” that he is willing to sacrifice the interests of others and the public due to his usual antipathy toward society is associated with mental problems such as depression, anger, and urges. Many specialists explained that it exploded. In addition, “borderline personality disorder,” which drastically changes the evaluation and mood of others and oneself, also worked.

But most people with depression don’t blame others. It has the characteristics of abusing oneself, such as suffering alone, self-blame, self-harm, and suicide. Many people think that depressed patients commit crimes impulsively, but the crime rate is lower than that of healthy people. Rather than a healthy person, he is reluctant and is careful about his behavior.

Causes and Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a brain disease caused by the combination of genetic reasons and acquired factors, and the abnormal secretion of substances such as norepinephrine and serotonin that transmit signals from the brain.

Depressed patients are reluctant to weaken and move and show no interest in anything else. Violence can only occur if there are other factors, such as Kim.

Depression initially causes severe suffering, anxiety, anxiety, and impatience alone. Thinking is weakened and words are slowed down. When the symptoms get worse, he blames himself for “I am wrong” and “I am not worth living” and tries to commit suicide or commit suicide.

Depressed patients also have difficulty falling asleep. However, once you fall asleep, it is difficult to get up this time. You lose your appetite, lose weight, and become stuffy. Symptoms such as belching, diarrhea, constipation, headache, dizziness, tiredness, muscle aches, and decreased libido also occur.

Depression is most often strongest when waking up in the morning and tends to fade in the afternoon.

Depression can be treated

If you have a toothache, you can get rid of it by seeing a dentist. Depression is the most recoverable illness in psychiatry. As with other diseases, the earlier the treatment, the higher the therapeutic effect.

If you receive drug treatment at the hospital, 70% will be effective regardless of the severity. In the past, taking medicine had side effects such as opening the pupils and drooling, but recent medicines have almost no side effects.

However, the effect of the medicine appears 2 to 6 weeks after taking it, so it is important to take it with plenty of time without rushing. Also, even if the symptoms improve, if you stop taking it immediately, treatment will become difficult. At the same time, hospitals are relieving depression in patients through psychotherapy such as counseling.

The role of the family is also important in the treatment of depression. Family members must be encouraged by telling patients from time to time that “depression is a treatable illness.” You also have to help take the medicine.

Depressed patients should not yell or scold, as they are vulnerable to even the smallest things. Whenever a patient says “I want to die”, be sure to inform the doctor for consultation. It’s good to recommend hobbies and religions, but don’t force them.

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