Grilling – Tips For Cooking Steak on a Grill

It took me many journeys to one of a kind butcher shops and numerous iterations inside the kitchen, till I reached a satisfaction degree with my grilled steak; a level that would be compared to whilst I used to be traveling well-known steakhouses.

The components to grilling your best steak includes three parameters: Steak reduce, seasoning and cooking technique.

Understanding your Steak cut

There are many criteria that have to be thinking about even as selecting your steak cut; one among them is the origin of the steak (e.g., Brazilian red meat, Australian beef, or the so called “neighborhood” red meat right here in UAE). Again, choosing a steak of a certain starting place is subject to personal flavor.

The form of steak cut is the primary contributor to reap a great experience wen grilling steak at domestic. Depending on the quantity of fat and the manner it is disbursed, the steak reduce can have a varying tenderness and unique taste. There are four commonplace sorts of steak cut in any steakhouse menu


Frequently referred as “Filet mignon”, it is the maximum expansive cut of steak, for its moderate taste and least amount of fat blanketed. It is my favorite desire.

The big apple Strip

Frequently referred as “pinnacle sirloin”. This cut is much less tender compared to tenderloin, with some fats marbling at some point of, giving it a terrific beefy flavor.


I recollect it because the excellent preference for hardcore “Carnivore”. It is offered with a T-shaped bone in, with meat on each aspects. This cut has generous fats marbling at some stage in, making it wonderful-gentle and juicy, with beefy flavor


Often referred as “Entrecôte”. This cut is basically a top rib reduce down into character steaks. It has plenty of fat marbling the beef and massive pockets of fats interspersed in the course of, making it juicier with flavorful beefy taste


Concerning seasoning, a real steak fan could pick having his/her steak taste terrific, it truly is why I advocate using most effective a touch pinch of pepper and sea salt for seasoning a steak piece, leaving it for fifteen minutes before grilling. As soon as your steak is prepared for ingesting, you could revel in the diversity of sauces and toppings available within the market and at any steakhouse, however for grilling use best pepper and sea salt

Cooking system

In relation to cooking procedure, there’s  main patterns: charcoal grilling and pan grilling. Pan grilling includes less parameters to manipulate and hence it’s miles less complicated to grasp. In this article I’m able to focus on what I’ve real revel in, that’s pan grilling.

Required equipment

For pan grilling, you need mainly 3 gadgets (similarly to an excellent piece of steak): a pan, greasing material and a steak tong.

I endorse using a non-stick pan, with adequate length permitting enough area across the steak piece. For greasing, you may use ordinary frying oil, or better using grilling spray, which is less complicated to spread everywhere in the pan. When it comes to steak tong, it’s far recommended to choose one that is massive enough to carry the steak piece gradually, but no longer too massive to make it hard to show the steak piece around while being grilled.

Cooking fashion

One important issue you need to examine, is the steak cooking patterns. Cooking style, referred as steak “Doneness”, affects the coloration and tenderness of steak piece, and its flavor as properly. As a fashionable rule, leaving a chunk of steak for longer time on the hearth, make it darker in shade and tougher in touch. There are five common steak cooking patterns


I consider this because the cooking style for real “carnivore”. The piece of steak is almost raw. A rare steak is browned across the facets, and shiny crimson inside the center.

Medium uncommon

Most of the middle of the steak piece must be pink in color with a touch of pink. The perimeters have to be properly browned, the pinnacle and bottom caramelized to a dark brown shade with properly grill marks.


That is the not unusual level of doneness often proper with the aid of everybody. I propose grilling to this style whilst cooking for a dish birthday celebration or a circle of relatives accumulating. The piece of steak will have a thick band of light crimson thru the middle, but greater browned than purple. The edges must be a wealthy brown shade and the top and backside charred darkly, but now not black.

Medium properly

That is my favored level of doneness, with most effective a touch of pink in the very center of the piece of steak. The floor must be a darkish brown with correct charring on the pinnacle and bottom. This steak will be very stiff but still have a slight spongy sense in the middle.

Nicely performed

For real steak fans, this because the much less popular doneness stage. On the other hand, this is the most famous preference for those who devour steak once in a while and experience greater comfy with the “secure” desire. This degree of doneness is executed only through slowly cooking the piece of steak at enormously low temperature till there may be no trace of purple or pint in any respect, even as the outside is brown without a lines of burns (easy to say, hard to achieve)

Finger take a look at for Steak Doneness

So as no longer to complicate things, I might not supply guidelines about the period to grill every facet of the steak piece, at what temperature for a positive thickness or precise steak reduce. I will provide an explanation for to you a less complicated approach, referred because the “Finger test” for use even as cooking a chunk of steak, to know whether or not it has reached a positive doneness degree.

With your hand open, press the beef of your hand (under your thumb) together with your finger, use the feeling of the beef below your finger as an evaluation when you touch the piece of steak whilst being grilled:

Press along with your index finger, the feeling examine to the uncommon cooking fashion of steak

Press along with your center finger, the feeling compare to the medium rare cooking fashion of steak

Press together with your ring finger, the sensation evaluate to the medium well cooking style of steak

Press together with your pinky finger, the sensation examine to the properly completed cooking fashion of steak

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