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Former top Israeli spy reveals Mossad operations against Iran

The outgoing head of Israel’s spy agency Mossad has revealed the country’s operations against Iran in an interview.

Yossi Cohen offers details of the theft of Iran’s nuclear files.

Tens of thousands of documents from that country were transport to Israel in the 2018 warehouse raid.

He also hinted at Israel’s involvement in the sabotage of Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. And the murder of a nuclear scientist.

Mr. Cohen resigned as head of the Mossad last week.

He was interviewed by journalist Ilan Dayan on Channel 12’s documentary programme Uvda. And which aired on Israeli television on Thursday night.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Mr Cohen as head of the Mossad in late 2015. He joined the agency in 1982 after studying at university in London. Also, told the programme that he had “hundreds” of passports over the course of his career.

The most revealing moment of the interview was about the theft of the Iranian nuclear dossier.

Mr. Netanyahu revealed the stolen files at a press conference in 2018. So, saying they showed Iran had secretly tried to build nuclear weapons and had secretly kept the know-how – a charge Iran denies.

Mr. Cohen said in the interview that it had taken two years to plan the operation. In all, the journalist Ilan Dayan said, 20 Mossad agents – none of them Israeli citizens – took part in the field operation.

The spy chief observed the operation from a command center in Tel Aviv. He said the agents entered a warehouse and had to open more than 30 safes. “We were all incredibly excited” when the image of the treasure appeared on the screen, according to The Times of Israel.

He added that all the agents survived the raid and were fine, although some had to rescued from Iran.

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