EV regains human senses

EV regains human senses and freedom

Audi’s first all-electric car (EV) is the “Audi Electronics-Theron Runback” in Japan. How will the next generation of state-of-the-art electric cars lead to mobility and sustainable society in the future? At the end of the five-part series, Fukuhara, who is acting as a bio-artist in a variety of fields, including the fashion industry, talks about how to live a sustainable life “now.”

As a bio artist, Mr. Fukuhara has published many works and currently working on an art project called “Kraft Machine.” By mixing Japanese crafts such as metalwork and painting with cultural “fleeting tribes” known as ornamental decorations and makeovers, things have forgotten about previous crafts, while preserving elements of craftsmanship. This is a project to explore the paradox of what is going on.


The first electric car in Audi’s history was finally born with Audi DNA and more than 100 years of history. Click here to simulate the price.

Mr. Fukuhara, who is not good at driving, said he was “disappointed many times” by obtaining his driver’s license. However, when asked why he chose the handheld, he said: “I like what “old” looks like.

That is, it moves in a box. Generally stepping on the accelerator is a big problem. I think moving a box is “strange” for humans. I think old sturdy cars and old motorbikes move with my own hands, which is human behavior. I thought it was close.


A completely different driving sensation

This is the first EV experience for Fukuhara Love, which has just licensed. With the start of the car’s movement, the distinctive relaxation and sharpness of the engine acceleration, as well as the “virtual mirror” used by the camera and monitor instead of the old door mirror, creates a pleasant surprise.

For him driving with the traditional concept of a car felt completely different.

For example, multiple navigations are displayed on the central media screen. Combining an Envelope Vision Camera and sensors gives a bird’s eye view of the nearby car and makes it easy to put in the garage. “Navigation is like supporting a car like a game, it’s a new feeling,” Fukuhara says.


  • Importance of changing views

Audi recently announced plans to upgrade its electric car models to about 30 by 2025, about 20 of which will be electric. In addition, the company recently announced that it will invest about EUR 35 billion (about 4.4 billion yen) in the five years between 2021 and 25 years, including research and development, including electrification. Audi Theron Sport beck, a pioneer of test drive, gave Fukuhara the opportunity to re-endanger the environmental problems of the fashion industry he participated in.

  • Integrating cars and residential that day

The automotive industry has similar challenges. The question is what is the best solution for driving a car’s energy?

If electric cars are to be promote, electricity should come from renewable sources. When using hydrogen, the infrastructure and logistics of hydrogen stations and the energy needed to produce hydrogen are difficult. On the other hand, there is an option to use engines with biofuels.

“I don’t think there is an immediate answer,” Fukuhara said of these questions in the introduction.


  • Sharpen the senses

Although Fukuhara loves the dream of such a future, Fukuhara said to be more aware of the “present” attention after the coronation ship sank. Therefore, it took me a few years to get a driver’s license because I was doing what I wanted to do in an era like this.

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