Emergency Flood Repair

DKI is one of the leading water damage repair companies in the United States. Their service providers are committed to helping homes and business owners recover from floods, burst pipes, or a variety of other disasters.

They have nearly half a century of experience providing water damage recovery and repair services throughout North America. They are proud to use local service providers who share our commitment to excellence and customer service, all supported by our national support team.

Each member of our organization uses the best tools available and has access to the latest educational resources and techniques.

In case of water damage at home or in your business, contact DKI. Quick action is needed to clean and repair water damage.

What to do if water damage occurs at home or in a business?

DKI is happy to help you avoid water damage, but not all disasters can be avoided. In addition, not all water damage is immediately apparent. Water damage can be evident during flooding or in the event of a major road explosion, but water damage underground or behind walls may worsen.

Walls and floors should be check regularly for spots or weaknesses, which can be a sign of water damage. DKI can access your property to assist you in your research. However, if your water damage is significant or minimal, there are a few key steps that need to be followed once you notice it.

Before cleaning water damage, you must:

  • Close the main water valve – if the flood is the result of an explosion pipe, closing the valve will eliminate the water supply and minimize further damage.
  • Turn off circuit breaker – Turn off the circuit to prevent electric shock before disconnecting the power supply or removing electrical equipment from the affected area of the water.
  • Contact your insurance company – it is important to report any loss or loss as soon as possible.
  • Contact DKI – Contact their team for immediate assistance so that we can provide water damage cleaning, mitigation and repair services and help prevent further problems.

Quick action after a spill can significantly reduce water damage to homes. Even small leaks can turn into bigger problems or mold problems that can lead to costly repairs in the future.

Understanding the severity of water damage

The destruction of water is detrimental to your property and health. Water damage is divided into three categories depending on the water source, duration and other factors such as mold and chemicals. DKI’s specialist service provider can help determine your water damage category. These options include:

  1. Category 1 – Clean water damage caused by broken fresh water, leakage tanks and minimal rainwater, Category 1 water damage does not include safe water and does not pose a significant health risk. As a result, Category 1 repairs require less equipment and time than your replacements. However, if left untreated, this type of injury can become a Category 2 issue within a day.
  • Category 2 – These injuries include a small amount of contaminated gray water. They can come from sewage lines or broken water pipes, leaky roofs, overflow toilets, dishwashing drains, etc. After 48 hours, this damage can become a Category 3 issue.
  • Category 3 – The most dangerous form of water damage, Category 3 involves glaucoma contamination. Sewage pollution is severe and can cause serious health problems. It is important to seek immediate help from our water damage repair experts to prevent exposure to bacterial diseases and unsafe chemicals. Don’t erase the problem yourself. Rely on water harm reduction companies, such as DKI.

How DKI services can help you?

For 45 years, DKI has been helping homes and business owners clean and repair water damage. They have experts from all over the country, so we can go back to your home or company within two hours of receiving your call.

A quick response is important because immediate care can significantly reduce your costs and potential harms. They use proven waterproofing and drying technology and state-of-the-art water repair equipment to help maintain your belongings and minimize structural damage to your property.

Their team known for paying close attention to detail, so you can be sure we will remove significant moisture from walls, floors and other hard-to-reach areas. Our timely service will help you get back to normal quickly.

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