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Dark Horse Token Finance(Next Dogecoin)

DOS Take you
Enter the era of defi new time
Let you realize your life dream

Dark Horse is incorporated in the background of DEFI development. Dark Horse Token Finance (Abbreviation: DOS) is an ecological project that is freely jointly brought by the fanatic enthusiasts of multiple block chain communities around the world. Everyone holding DOS in the Dark Horse community is a block super node. Each node actively expands the new block super node in order to realize its dreams, so that it is constantly looping. Promote more super nodes to join, the joining or exit of each new member will provide a continuous power boom ecology for the trigger of the destruction of the dividend mechanism. DOS is based on BSC SCAN constant issuance of 1,000 trillion, selfless, no publicity. Among them, 95% disposable injection of liquidity mines (never-withdrawal), 5% are used in technical operation and maintenance and ecological construction.


Dosap is a dual-stranded DEX model based on BSCSCAN and EtherSCAN based on BSCSCAN and EtherSCAN. DOSAP combines the advantage of the BSCSCAN trading fee and the prosperity of EtherScan ecotropic circles. DOSAP is committed to building a DEFI platform integrating DEX, IMO, DAO on BSC, providing users with more secure credible, asset selection and configuration more sampled, and is expected to go to the centralized Currency exchange service with higher investment returns. . DOS is the only circulation notification of DOSAP ecology, mainly for going to the centralization exchange, go to centralize borrowing, go to central social and multiple detrimentary intelligent contract items, game entertainment and other ecological blocks. At the same time, DAO is settled to the center of the community.

Now, with the growing growth of DEFI users, global investment institutions accelerate into the market, and industry divides will also accelerate out. In the future, DOSAP will build a more open and transparent to the centralized financial ecosystem, which will provide a safe and stable financial services for global users.

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