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Britain bans fifth neo-Nazi group under anti-terror laws

A Russian-led US neo-Nazi group is to be banned as a terrorist organization, the Home Secretary has said.

Priti Patel has condemned the “evil white supremacist groups that attack vulnerable people around the world”.

Al-Qaeda will be the fifth far-right group to be banned in Britain under anti-terror laws.

The BBC investigation also exposed the group’s American founder, Rinaldo Nazzaro, and revealed how he ran the base from his home in St Petersburg.

The base was founded in 2018 and sought to establish terrorist cells in the United States and other countries to create a white fascist nation-state through a “race war”.

Members were involved in weapons and explosives training. Several people associated with the group are charged in the United States with conspiracy to commit murder, among other offenses.

The group has been badly damaged, although leading figures such as Nazzaro remain active.

Britain’s formal ban, which will come into force this week if approved by MPs, makes membership or support of the group a terrorism crime punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

The Home Office said the group shared the aims and ideology of the Atomic Weapons Division and its alias the National Socialist Order, which were banned earlier this year.

Other far-right groups on the terror list include National Action and Sun War – both founded in Britain – and Fire War, founded in Estonia.

Panorama’s investigation into Al Qaeda revealed how Nazzaro and others interviewed and groomed young recruits from Britain and other countries.

The investigation revealed how another prominent member of the group, Matthew Baccari, ran a notorious neo-Nazi online forum that has been linked to several terrorism charges in British courts.

Nazzaro, who worked for the FBI and the Pentagon, moved to Russia when he set up the base.

In November, Russian state television broadcast a lengthy interview with Nazzaro.

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