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Belgian ambassador apologized due to Wife

The Belgian ambassador to South Korea has apologized for his wife‘s “unacceptable” response to Seoul’s confrontation with a shop assistant.

CCTV footage has emerged showing Peter Lescohier’s wife slapping a shop assistant.

Staff wanted to check that the clothes she left behind were her clothes for fear she might have stolen from the store.

The Belgian Embassy in Seoul says Ms. Shenyang, 63, is currently recovering from a stroke.

It said it would cooperate with police to investigate the incident as soon as possible.

The incident took place April 9 at a clothing store in Yong Sango, Seoul.

According to South Korean media reports, Ms. Zhang tried her clothes at the store for about an hour before leaving.

She removed from the store by a staff member who wanted to check the clothes she was wearing, and it turned out to be Ms. Xiang.

The ambassador’s wife reportedly sought the employee back to the store, where she appeared to push and slap another employee who tried to intervene during the captured CCTV confrontation.

“When I was attacked, I didn’t know who this woman was, but she seemed confident and didn’t seem to regret it,” South Korean media quoted a second employee as saying.

The embassy statement said Lescohier “expresses sincere regret” over the incident and “would like to apologize on behalf of his wife.”

He added; “In any case, his reaction was unacceptable.

Ms. Xiang “is being treated for high school wind last week and cannot respond to a police invitation.”

“We hope your health improves quickly so you can assist the police in their investigation soon so we can put this unfortunate incident behind us.”

The case sparked outrage in South Korea, where Ms. Xiang said to be able to seek diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution.

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