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Australia evacuated from flooding across New South Wales

flooding across New South Wales

As heavy rains continue to fall on the east coast, nearly 18,000 Australians have evacuated by floods in New South Wales (NSW).

Heavy rains flooded rivers and dams around the Sydney capital and southeastern Queensland.


Officials said “any 50-year-old event” could last a week, and people paid attention.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison funded the forced escape.

“This is another test for our country,” he told Sydney 2GB Radio Station on Monday.

Significant damage has occurred in the affected areas, where about one-third of Australia is 25 million people live.

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Bergikrian said many “flooded” communities affected by fires and droughts last summer.

“It has never been known in the history of the state that these severe weather conditions occur so rapidly and continuously in the midst of an epidemic,” he said.


Paramedics rescued at least 500 people, including people pulled out of cars. A family member taken from a house that had sunk by helicopters.

First respondents also rescued families with babies from flooding their homes in western Sydney.

According to the Meteorological Department, recent rainfall (up to 1000 mm in some areas) is “abnormal”.


Officials were most concerned about residents of lower and northern Sydney, New South Wales Central Coast, and the Hawkesbury Valley when the meteorological system flooded into the country on Monday.


What has happened so far?

Floods wreaked havoc across New South Wales, forcing 15,000 people to evacuate off the state’s north coast and 3,000 in Sydney, officials said.

Roads and bridges blocked by flooding and about 150 schools were closed on Monday.


Images of cows floating in flooded areas and houses swallowed up by windows.

The Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers, north and west of Sydney, rose higher on Monday than the devastating 1961 floods. Forecasters said the Huxberry River could be about 13 meters (42 feet) higher at the end of the day.


In addition, Wara Gambadam, Sydney’s main source of water, is starting to pour for the first time in five years. Officials said they emit about 500 gallons a day. This related to the amount of Sydney Harbor.


On Sunday, a young couple found their home in northern Sydney, which destroyed by flooding, must have occurred on their wedding day.


Shocked neighbor photographed a three-bedroom cabin dumped along the Manning River after the Manning River embankment broke.

After the runway flooded, the flight stopped at New Castle Airport, about 17 km (north) of Sydney.


Authorities also reported landslides and damage to the home from a tornado that struck west Sydney on Saturday.

Eighteen council districts in New South Wales have destroyed.


In southeastern Queensland, floods also hit Brisbane and Gold Coast over the weekend, but slightly reduced until Monday.


How serious is the situation?

Ms. Beregikrian said thousands in the Huxberry-Nepian Valley could face new evacuation orders.


Officials issued 38 orders across the state, designating 38 local areas as disaster areas.


“What we are experiencing now is different from what you have been experiencing for the last 50 years, so take it seriously,” Beregikrian said in a previous briefing.


“The rain is constant, the fact that the weather is calm and not progressing, and of course the overflow capacity [Waraganbadam], and that means that.”

Jamie Town resident Ellen Brown told ABC News that the floods have not been so severe for more than 40 years.


“This is different because I have seen all the floods and other things and I did not have to move from there before,” he said.

“I noticed that the streets always go up, but this time they usually disappear when the rain stops, but this time they do not disappear as before,” he said. “There is definitely something different about this.”

Forecasters also warned that the two meteorological systems could collide on Monday night, causing a “final explosion” of rain and storms that could continue through Wednesday or Thursday.

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