Amazon defeats historic Alabama Union effort

Amazon has defeated activists who want to build the company’s first union warehouse in America.

Labor officials say workers at The Bessemer Warehouse in Alabama voted 738 in 1798.

That represents a majority vote in the race and see as a key test of Amazon’s global criticism of workers during the flu pandemic.

The union said it would challenge the results.

He accused Amazon of interfering with employee suffrage in “free and fair elections,” including telling employees about the impact of mandatory voting on staff meetings, and the Postal Service’s default to install mailboxes on corporate land to monitor voting.

“It’s very good that the Alliance of Retail, Wholesale and Divisional (RWDSU) stores that organized this effort will not be a good thing,” says Stuart S. Stuart, the company’s managing director.

“We do not let Amazon’s lies, deceptions and illegal activities, and that is why we formally accuse Amazon of all the horrific illegal acts committed during the union vote.”

Amazon said Friday that its claims to intimidate employees “were not true.”

The company says it tries to listen to people’s concerns, improve, and see results as an option for employees, not as a win-win for the company.

“We are not perfect, but we are proud of our team and what we have, and we continue to work hard every day to get better,” he says.

What was that fight about?

If successful, the union movement will mean that Amazon, America’s second-largest employer, will have to negotiate with union officials on issues such as labor and wage laws.

RWDSU leaders had hoped the epidemic would allow Amazon’s business to grow rapidly, while exposing employees to new health risks and creating an opportunity for unions to enter the company and set new standards for Amazon employees across the country.

Citing complaints such as intrusive surveillance and sudden and impersonal government behavior, organizers linked the Commons fight, mostly black workers, to broader civil rights and racial justice issues.

Amazon argues that unions do not represent the views of most of its employees.

The company said it offers competitive wages and benefits, telling workers that unions will collect hundreds of dollars in installments instead of offering change.


A good place to stay

The election closely watched in Bessemer, a small town of 27,000 people on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Last month, U.S. President Joe Biden called the vote a “critical election.” Celebrities and PND politicians have traveled to the state to support the union movement, which has even attracted some Republican support.

However, Rebecca Givan, a professor of labor studies at Rutgers University, said she was not surprised that Amazon won the battle because employers would have to crack down on union efforts under current American law.

He said employers have a big advantage in these situations. “They have an almost unlimited budget, they have almost unlimited access to workers, they bombard them with uneasy and uncertain information, and we’ve seen results here,” he says.

Christy Hoffman, secretary general of the Uni Global Alliance, a federation of the World Union, said Amazon’s actions during the campaign show that American labor laws are “violating.”

However, he says the campaign has inspired workers elsewhere.

He said, “Bessemer’s influence goes far beyond the walls of the warehouse and cannot be underestimated.

The vote coincided with strikes in Germany and Italy and a massive new British effort to reach Amazon employees. It will also give workers hope that they will heard at work and work with dignity.

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