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A grand jury will consider Donald Trump’s accusations

New York prosecutors have summoned a grand jury to decide whether to indict U.S. President Donald Trump on criminal charges, local media reported.

They said the jury would consider the evidence gathered during Trump’s business investigation and alleged payments to women on his behalf.

Trump, 74, has denied any irregularities and claimed he was politically harassed.

U.S. prosecutors can refer major cases to a grand jury.

The jury is made up of citizens who secretly review the evidence before deciding whether to prosecute.

The decision to summon a grand jury appears to indicate that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance hopes to bring charges through a two-year investigation.

Mr. Vance has endured a lengthy court battle to get Mr. Trump’s tax records, and part of his investigation has focused on cutting taxes and overturning the Trump Organization’s claim.

Last week, New York State’s chief prosecutor Letitia James said her investigation into the Trump Organization is now a criminal investigation.

The investigation into Trump Real Estate “was no longer merely a civil investigation,” his representative said.

Trump responded that prosecutors are “aggressively pursuing a crime.”

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