6 Actions Needed By All, To Beat This Pandemic! COVID

It’s now been, over a year, since the primary , known case, from this horrific pandemic, was detected, within the us . Although, there are many reasons, it became, as deadly, as it did, and more – than – enough, blame, to travel – around, it’s going to be more upsetting (if, possible), the infection, and death rate, rather than being reduced, has been escalating! We cannot continue, this deadly, poor response, any more , but, rather, we’d like a well – considered, national response, created by public health experts, and scientists, rather than politically – motivated, politicians! While, there’ll be, many details, and, challenges, to urge this under – control, this text will plan to , briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a basic, 6 – step plan, to beat this thing, together!

 The experts inform us, if the overwhelming majority , of USA citizens , wore a mask, the speed of infection would be reduced, over 90%, and that we could bend – the curve, to a far, more manageable level! rather than making this some kind of political issue, it should become a matter of every folks , assuming our social responsibility, and wearing one, especially, publicly buildings (including stores, restaurants, etc.)! Unfortunately, President Trump, for whatever his reasons (I believe, politically motivated, etc.), minimized wearing one, and refused to line the proper example, to his many core supporters, and, thus, increased, significantly, the resistance! Wearing a mask, is not, restricting our freedoms, but, rather, sense , and private responsibility, to society!

Why do some, perceive their social responsibility of wearing a mask, as a political issue, instead of a public health, necessity? Although, no one enjoys, wearing a mask, and may be tired of doing so, it seems, according to the experts, about, 90 – 95% of the cases, would be avoided, if a much larger percentage of Americans, wore a mask! This shouldn’t have to become a law, but should be, a common sense, voluntary, greater – good, action/ behavior!

  • Wash Hands:

 Get into the habit of washing (and/ or, sanitizing) your hands, often, especially, once you were during a public space, etc., when, you would possibly have touched some common surface! Also, specialize in keeping your hands, and fingers, faraway from touching your eyes, and/ or, mouth, etc.!

  • Social Spacing:

 When, inside, pay close attention, to maintaining social spacing, especially, in hallways, office – spaces, waiting areas, elevators, lobbies, etc. Even, when outside, it’s important to take care of , a minimum of a minimum of six feet, between yourself, et al. . Since, much of the spread of this virus, is airborne, paying close attention to the present , consistently, makes an enormous difference, for the better!

Scientists inform us, this is an airborne virus, and, can travel, though, the air, for, at least, 6 feet, and, perhaps, even more! Because of this, we should voluntary, practice, consistently, social distancing/ spacing, as often, as possible, and, if impossible, proceed to wear a mask, for protection, at to, flatten – the – curve!

  • Avoid Crowds:

 Avoid being anywhere near crowds, especially, when those people, in them, aren’t wearing a mask! The more exposure, the greater the chance/ risk, of being infected!

  • Get vaccinated:

 When your turn comes, get vaccinated! Don’t procrastinate, and/ or, make excuses! If/ when, we get approximately, 70% of USA citizens , to do so, we’ll approach, the much – desired, herd immunity! Unfortunately, since the COVID vaccine, first, became available in late 2020, this has not been going – on, as quickly, as desired, and needed!

  • Be Patient:

 All folks , are uninterested in the sacrifices, from this pandemic! It seems, too many of us , have suffered from some kind of pandemic – fatigue, and, more of them, have resorted to seeking some kind of short – term, relief, and return to normal, once we need, now, quite ever, maintaining patience, discipline, commitment, and even – greater, responsibility!

Although, these steps, could seem basic/ simple, it is, often, sense , which suffers, most, when it involves overcoming a crisis! Let’s do that together, and safely, proceed forward, to attenuate ramifications, and enhance, a healthy return to a point , of, normal!

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